Welcome, Class of 2027!

Your college experience is just beginning! We are so excited to welcome you to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The School of Engineering First-Year Academic Advising Hub (SoE Hub) is here to guide and support your academic decisions. You can reach out to us for academic support as you navigate your transition from high school to RPI! 

                                                         INCOMING FRESHMAN ADVISING EMAIL ARCHIVES

Welcome Class of 2027! We look forward to working with you!

  ➜  First-Year Experience (FYE) (Orientation guide)

  ➜ Enrollment Guide

  ➜  Student Living and Learning (SLL)

  ➜  Financial Aid

  ➜  Advising and Learning Center (ALAC): Tutoring

  ➜  Student Health and Wellness (Counseling)

  ➜  Accommodation & Disability Student Services (DSS)

  ➜  Dining Services

  ➜  Parents - this button is for you!

        Looking for a faculty or staff member? ➜ Use the RPI Directory!


Recommended To-Do list:

For a more fluid transition, we highly recommend completing these steps BEFORE arriving to RPI.

  ➜ Admissions' Portal*

         *Want to change your major? You have until the first day of Fall classes, however, it is HIGHLY recommended

           you change your major before registering.

  ➜  Transferring Dual Enrollment Credits to Rensselaer for Incoming Students**

        **In order to save the this document, you must create a BOX account your RCSID credentials. For assistance, click here.

  ➜  How to request AP Credits

  ➜  How to request IB Credits

  ➜  AP, IB, and other Transfer Credits: Official Transfer Credit Policy

        For ANY registrar related questions (transfer credit, dual enrollment) please submit a Registrar Help Desk Ticket HERE



How to Create Your Fall Schedule for the Class of 2027

*Class of 2027 documents are subject to change at this time. Please consult an advisor with any questions.

  ➜  Class of 2027: 4-Year Plan Templates Curriculum Planning: Excel Spreadsheet

  ➜  Class of 2027: Major Templates

  ➜  QuACS (student course planner)*

             *Not RPI sponsered, used as an additional resource. Please refer to SIS for official class times/days and the RPI Catalog for
               course information.

  ➜  Student Information System (SIS)**

             **Link used for registration.

  ➜  Click here for the HOW TO REGISTER video

  ➜  Class Hour Schedule : Breakdown of lecture, lab, test block, recitation and TextBook information



Understanding Your HASS Requirements / HASS Inquiry Information

*Learn more about HASS Integrative Pathways HERE.

  ➜   NEW: RPI Course Catalog for 2023-24 Cohort

  ➜   Class of 2027: HASS Requirements and Worksheet for Engineers

  ➜   Class of 2027: HASS Integrative Pathways

  ➜   Class of 2027: HASS Inquiry Descriptions




Academic Resources and Support for the Class of 2027

  ➜  IT Services and Support Center for NEW Students

  ➜ FAQ: Learn more about the SoE Hub

  ➜ Quick Links: Registrar's Office, Forms, The Catalog, Academic Calendar, etc.



Our WebEx Chat Room - join us in July 2023!

This chat room will be a great resource for you to ask all your questions to your SoE Hub Advising Team and your 2027 classmates. 

  • You will find an invitation to join us in your RPI inbox this summer.
  • Hub Advisors will be available in the chat Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm EST. 

How to prepare:

Step 1: Download WebEx Teams to your Phone and/or Computer

Step 2: Log in with your new RCS information (RPI email/password)

Step 3: Check your RPI email this July 2023 for your invitation to join us!




Additional Resources for the Class of 2027!


Click here for The Hub's FAQ!




We are excited to work with you!

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