Registration Assistance FAQs


CLICK HERE for step by step visual instructions. You will be given a Time Ticket which will tell your the TIME in which you are able to register for courses. Go to SIS > Check Registration Status or Register Add/Drop.

Log into SIS > Student Menu > CHECK REGISTRATION STATUS or REGISTER ADD/DROP > SELECT TERM. This will show you the specific time your registration window begins, and you can view your account for any holds that might prevent you from registering!

  • You can see your Holds in SIS > Student Menu > View Registration Status > scroll down past your Time Ticket > VIEW HOLDS or Holds will appear in your DegreeWorks profile at the top of the page
  • Your SAM hold must be removed by your assigned Advisor. In your first-year you are assigned an SoE Hub Advisor. 
  • For more information CLICK HERE

Class of 2027: CLICK HERE for the curriculum prerequisite flow charts.

Class of 2028: Coming soon.

  • Ex: BIOL-1010 + BIOL-1015 and BIOL-2120 + BIOL-2125 are corequisite courses, meaning you MUST register for both CRNs at the same time. 
  • You will register by putting one CRN per box at the bottom of your registration screen. BIOL-1010 CRN in one box and BIOL-1015 in another.

Once the semester begins, LMS updates every night. You will not be able to access the course until the next day.

Short answer: PHYS-1100 and PHYS-1110 are the same course and meet the Physics I requirement for engineering students.

In the fall term, first time students will take PHYS-1100 with Physics Mentoring PHYS-1101. Physics Mentoring PHYS-1101 is only available during the fall. You will need to register for PHYS-1100 and PHYS-1101 at the same time as they are corequisites. Physics Mentoring PHYS-1101 provides first time students additional time to review the material in PHYS-1100.

In the spring term or after, students must take PHYS-1110 only.

When you are building a schedule in QuACs or SIS, there are multiple blocks within each course. You are expected to attend all blocks to meet course requirements For example, CHEM-1100 or CHEM-1110 have specific blocks for LECTURE, LAB, RECITATION, and TEST BLOCK. To find what each block is for a course go to SIS > Student Menu > Class Hours Schedules Menu > Select the Term. 


LEC = Lecture

LAB = Lab

REC= Recitation

TES = Test Block

STU = Studio

SEM = Seminar

Override Requests

If an override is needed for a closed course, missing pre-reqs, or due to course restrictions such as major restricted courses, an override form should be completed and sent to the primary instructor. 

  1. Find the primary instructor in SIS > Class Search. The primary instructor will have a “P” after their name. 
  2. Send/email the override form to the professor.
    1. To find the professor's email use the RPI Directory
  3. If/when the instructor lets you know the override is complete, register for the course in SIS.
    1. Note: It's at the professor's discretion to approve the override. If denied, you will need to find a new section or another course.
  4. To register for the course go to SIS> Register/Add/Drop and enter the CRN in the first empty box and then press “Submit Changes”. Do not try to register using SIS > Class Search as this function will not recognize the override.

  • If you completed or currently taking a pilot course (such as MANE-1960 Mechanics I in replace of ENGR-1100 Intro to Engineering Analysis), you will require an override for any course that requires ENGR-1100 as a prerequisite.
  • You can request the override by emailing the instructor with this form.

If you need to adjust your schedule, do not drop any courses that you were overridden into since a specific CRN was used. If you drop the course you were overridden into, you will need to submit another override form and risk not getting into it if the course is full.

  • If you have a course conflict with another class, find another section that does not conflict.
  • Or download the Authorization Form on the Registrar site. 
    • Select the “Schedule Conflict”  box on the form and complete sections A and B of the form with your personal and course info. 
    • Section C will need to be completed by the instructors for both conflicting classes to approve the override.
    • Submit the completed Authorization Form to the Registrar via Registrar Ticket.
    • The Registrar's Office will register you for the course.

Waitlisting Courses

  • In SIS, Register Add/Drop, select WAITLIST in the drop-down.
  • Be aware of electronic waitlists. When you try to register for a course that is “full” but has a waitlist, you are given the option to register for the waitlist. Once on a waitlist do not adjust your schedule as you risk losing your position and having to re-register for the waitlist. 
  • Note: MANE prefix courses waitlist requests are made here: 
  • Note: not all courses have a waitlist.

When you register for a waitlist you can see your position number on your weekly schedule in SIS > Student Menu > View Weekly Schedule (not Weekly Schedule Day/Time Grid). As seats open up, an email is automatically sent out to the first person on the list letting you know a seat is open for you to register. You only have 48 hours to register for the course. This is an auto-generated message which may be found in spam/junk filters. Please check these folders if you are on a waitlist.

For more information click here.

  • Check your position number at least once a day and if you are position 1 or 2 it may be good to check it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  When you see that you are position 0 you "should" receive an email and then you have 48 hours to register for the course, after that it moves to the next person on the list. Try to register for the course using Register/Add/Drop and if this does not work submit a help ticket with the registrar ( to let them know you are position zero on the course (include the CRN) but have not received the alert email.
  • You can waitlist for more than one section of a course, so if you get into a section, please do your fellow students a kindness and drop yourself from the other waitlisted sections giving them a chance to get in.
  • If you need to adjust your schedule do not touch any courses that you got into via waitlist.  This may cause you to have to re-register for the waitlist and you may not get back in the course. 
  • To register go into Register/Add/Drop on SIS and from the drop down for the waitlisted section choose drop via Web then type the correct CRN into the first box at the bottom.
  • If you are swapping sections to the waitlisted section, you will also need to drop the currently registered section before clicking Submit Changes.

HASS Questions

Declaring your HASS Pathway does not grant you the ability to register for MAJOR RESITRICTED courses. You can register for the non-major restricted section OR if the course is CLOSED (full), you can email the professor for an override.

  • Some courses have restrictions to certain majors or class year. See image below on how to find if a course is restricted.
  • NOTE: INQR-1XXX courses are for Freshmen only. You will not be allowed to register for an INQR-1XXX course after your first two semesters.

Registering for HASS Course - header. Which HASS Courses Have Restrictions? Many HASS courses have sections that are restricted to certain HASS Majors to ensure those students can register for required courses in their curriculum. The same is done for certain courses in the School of Science. Other HASS courses also have Year restrictions (such as ‘Freshman Only’). To check if a course has any restrictions, you can do a “Class Search” on SIS. In this example we are looking at COGS-2120 Intro to Cognitive Science: It looks like Section 1 of the course is full, but let’s see if Section 2 has any major restrictions. To do this you will click on the CRN of the course. Clicking on the CRN will bring you to the ‘Sections Found’ page. On this page you will then click on the Course Title. Clicking on the course title will bring you to the ‘Detailed Class Information’ page. At the bottom of this page, you will be able to see if this specific section of the course has any restrictions!

Picture above courtesy of the School of Science.

Summer Courses

If you plan on taking a course in the summer, you must have the Transfer Credit Approval form signed by the appropriate office AND your Hub advisor BEFORE you register for the summer course.

We advise students to submit your Transfer Credit Approval Forms to the appropriate offices as soon as possible to assist your future semester planning.

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