Class of 2025 Student Registration Guides

Welcome to the School of Engineering, Class of 2025!

To begin, we will partner with you to support your registration for fall classes. We will take this step-by-step, starting with major-specific, online Registration Guides, and hosting video chats where you can connect with your academic advisor from The SoE Hub (and other new students in your major).

The Major-Specific Registration Guide is Episode 1 of the Hidden Curriulum, your unique resource for learning about Rensselaer's academics. 


Let's get started!


SoE Registration Guides: 

Your major-specific Registration Guide is the first step in preparing for July's Fall registration. Each section of the guide will provide important insight, specifically aimed to ensure a smooth registration process for you as an incoming student. You will discover what courses you should plan to take this Fall, tools, resources, and more!

We will publish your guide right here by June 21st, and you must complete your guide by June 27th. 
Stay tuned! 




Major-Specific Video Chats: June 28th to July 16th

These video chats, hosted by the SoE Hub Advising team, are an incredibly important piece of your registration process. You must attend! During each video chat, your Hub Advisor will walk you through the nuances of your Engineering curriculum to ensure that you are confident with the options for your Fall schedule, and how these courses will impact each semester that follows. We will walk you through course selection and the registration process. There will be plenty of time for questions.

All video chats will take place durng Easter-Standard Time (EST). We have arranged for video chat start times to take place between 8:00am and 8:00pm EST to ensure available times for students around the world. You will find the details of your major's Video Chat within your Registration Guide (link above).


Fall 2021 Course Registration: July 19th to July 30th

Ready... set.... go! 

When your Time Ticket opens up, immediately log into SIS and register for your first semester of classes at Rensselaer! After working with your SoE Hub Advisor over the last few months, you should be absolutely confident in finalizing your first college schedule.




Do not hesitate to reach out to The SoE First-Year Hub to speak with your advisor.
We are here to help -- starting now! (And, we’re so excited to meet you).

Archived Versions of The Registration Guides: