The SoE Hub FAQs and Forms

FAQs for the Class of 2027

Academic Year 2023-2024


After your first year, it is not recommended to utilize this advice; it may be inaccurate to your needs and may cause problems for your degree completion. You should refer to your Faculty Advisor for all academic, scheduling and registration questions or concerns. You can find your Faculty Advisor's name and information on SIS and DegreeWorks. You can also find additional contact information for all faculty and staff by signing into the RPI Directory.


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RPInfo (Rensselaer's Directory): log in to find all RPI community members - faculty, staff, etc.

The Registrar's Office: Academic policy and procedures, final exam schedules, forms, etc.

Registrar's Forms: Transfer Credit, Change of Major, Pass/No Credit, etc.

The Rensselaer College Catalog: be sure you use the drop down menu to select your catalog year

The Academic Calendar: Important Dates and Deadlines

AP, IB, and other Transfer Credits: Official Transfer Credit Policy

 Class of 2027: Major Specific Templates




What does the SoE Hub do?


The SoE Hub advises engineering students during their first year at Rensselaer.

Experienced staff advisors will guide you through your first three registrations, help you understand requirements for degree completion, and discuss adding or changing majors and/or minors. Each student is assigned to a Hub Advisor based upon their major, and can access their advisor for support by appointment, designated drop-in days, phone, and email.

Your SoE Hub Advisor will prepare you for the transition to your faculty advisor after your first year at Rensselaer. We procide the tools that you will need for course planning and work with you to develop a 4-Year Plan.



Why do I have a Hub Advisor and a Faculty Advisor?


SoE Hub Advisor: Your First Two Semesters at Rensselaer!

  • The Advising Hub offers academic support to students throughout their first year.
  • Our team helps support the transition into college learning and understanding the responsibilities of joining Rensselaer as an academic professional.


Faculty Advisor: Third semester until graduation!

  • Students transition to an assigned faculty advisor in their third semester, enabling a deeper connection to their major's department in the School of Engineering.
  • Faculty advisors promote academic success through mentorhsip and offer valuable perspective on internships, research, graduate school, and job prospects, in addition to graduation requirements.



When is the SoE Hub open? And where is it?


Office Hours: Weekdays, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00-4:00pm EST.
                         The SoE Hub is closed on weekends.

Location: 3306 Jonnson-Engineering Center (JEC), inside the Ansell Louge.



How do I prepare for a meeting with my Academic Advisor?


  • Have any academic questions readily available to address with your advisor.
  • Select and list courses you are planning to take in the next semester.
  • Develop and update your 4-Year Plan.
  • Become familiar with curriculum requirements by review the Major Templates and course catalog



How do I find who my SoE Hub Advisor is?


Through the summer, you will work with all SoE Hub Advisors to assist you with your first registration! 

Your Hub Advisor will be assigned to you based on your major! Please, look for an email from The SoE Hub in August for their contact information. 


Hub Advisor assignments can change for each new cohort. 
We will let you know who your Advisor is! Be sure you check your RPI email. 



Registrar Forms


Where to find them?

You can always find the most updated Registrar forms on their website.


How to fill them out?

You should be able to fill out forms online. If you have trouble with the Adobe “fillable” forms, please print out the form, fill it out completely/correctly, and scan the document to be emailed. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can download the free “Adobe Scan” app from your app store. This app will allow you to scan any document and email it from your phone as a PDF.


What forms need my Advisor's Signature?

  • Authorization Form: if you are looking to “Credit Overload” only
  • Minor Approval Form
  • Pass/No Credit Request Form
  • Transfer Credit Approval Form

If you are unsure you can find your Advisor's name and contact information in SIS or DegreeWorks. 

Need to find someone's contact information? Use the RPI Directory!


Where to send the completed and signed forms?

Once you have correctly filled out the forms and collected the appropriate signatures, you should email them to your SoE Hub Advisor.



Am I required to meet with my advisor?


Yes! Once each year, during your second semester, you are required to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your course planning.

This is called the Student-Advisor Meeting (SAM). Until you meet with your advisor, you will have a SAM Hold on your account. This hold will prevent you from registering for second year courses. To remove your SAM Hold, your advisor must approve  the courses on your 4-Year Plan.

As a first year student you will meet with your SoE Hub Advisor. After that, you must meet with your faculty advisor.


When should I meet with my Advisor?

  • Fall Semester: (recommended) October/November
  • Spring Semester: (required) February/March


Remember, each advisor has hundreds of advisees! Around registration, Consultation Month included, it will be harder to make an appointment. Make your SAM appointment early or email your advisor about your course planning. Do not wait until the last minute to reach out, as it's likely that you will not find an available appointment time.

Read all emails from your SoE Hub Advisor for additional support during this busy time.



How do I resolve a SAM Hold?


What is a SAM Hold? 

  • Mandatory meeting with your advisor, called a Student-Advisor Meeting (SAM).
  • Typically, you will have a SAM Hold in your Spring semester. (Spring Admits, your SAM will occur in the Fall semester). 
  • Until you connect with your advisor, you will have a Registration Hold and will not be unable to register for courses.


Requirements of a SAM Hold?

  1. Schedule a meeting with your Advisor (think early! Each SoE Hub Advisor works with hundreds of students).
  2. Prepare your personalized 4-Year Plan (update the first three semesters).
  3. Complete the HASS Worksheet (fill in all lines provided. To look up the HASS Pathways go to RPI Catalog (2023-24) > Programs > scroll down to Integrative Pathway).
  4. Declared your HASS pathway in the Student Menu in SIS
  5. Your Advisor will review and provide feedback, as needed. You may need to make changes to your plan before your SAM Hold can be removed.


What if my advisor's schedule is full?

  1. Email your Advisor your personalized 4-Year Plan (complete at least the first three semesters, and a plan for all your HASS requirements).
  2. Your Advisor will review and provide feedback, as needed. Allow your Hub Advisor at least one week to respond.
  3. You may need to make changes to your plan before your SAM Hold can be removed.



    What are my HASS requirements for School of Engineering students?


    CLICK HERE for the HASS worksheet. 


    For more information click here:


    How can I track my degree progress?


    DegreeWorks allows you to track your degree progress.

    • You can access DegreeWorks through your SIS > Student Menu > DegreeWorks.


    If you have questions about your DegreeWorks profile, reach out to:



    How do I change my major or declare a dual major?


    Step One: Contact your Advisor and specify which major you wish to change to or dual to add.

    • Not all majors are dual compatible.

    Step Two: Develop a 4-Year Plan using templates provided by the SoE Hub

    • You may find that you will need to stay for an additional semester(s).
    • By working with an advisor on your 4-Year Plan, we can ensure that you are looking at all program requirements.


    Step Three: Fill out the Registrar's “Change of Major” form.


    Step Four: Once you complete the form, please email it to your assigned SoE Hub Advisor and Dana Chichester,

    • Dana will collect all the signatures needed and assign you to your new faculty advisor, before sending the form to be processed.
    • You will recieve your new advisor information, but you will see their name and contact on SIS/Degreeworks.



    Can I declare an engineering major, even if I am currently a student in another school?

    Absolutely! Check out the process above, and contact the appropriate school of the major you are interested in.

    CLICK HERE for more information on school contacts.



    I want to transfer credits from another college. What is the process for this? Is it different for summer courses?

    AP, IB, and other Transfer Credits: Official Transfer Credit Policy



    I'm a parent and would like to know about my child's grades, class attendance, or another issue. Can I speak with an advisor?

    By law, college professionals are restricted on what they can communicate to parents without the consent of their student.

    You may find more information here:




    Other questions? Please reach out! 

    Head to the SoE Advising Hub Website!