Leadership & Teamwork

The School of Engineering and Rensselaer offer numerous opportunities for teamwork and leadership development. Key examples are listed below:

Archer Center

Archer Center for Student Leadership Development

The Archer Center provides leadership education both in and outside of the classroom through professional development courses, workshops, and seminars. Their cutting-edge interactive learning programs highlight team development, effective communication, ethical decision making, diversity, and working in a global workforce. The Archer center faculty and staff also work with student clubs and leadership.

RPI Atheletics

RPI Athletics

RPI athletics programs are built on academic and athletic excellence. Competitive athletic activities enabled by world-class facilities, first-rate support services, and exceptional coaching and teaching ensure that students realize their full potential as individuals and team members.  A strong work ethic, mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and diversity underscore RPI athletics.  Naturally, this environment provides opportunities for personal growth and the development of core values in a diverse and equitable environment while promoting positive, life-long contributions to the Rensselaer community and beyond.

Student Clubs

Whatever you passion, writing code or climbing rocks, building cars or tasting cheese!, you will find like-minded students to explore it with you in one of the nearly 250 student clubs at Rensselaer.  These clubs offer opportunities to connect, explore, and grow personally and professionally.

Student Academic and Professional Organizations

Rensselaer is home to numerous academic and professional organizations. Students from every engineering discipline and many sub-disciplines will find opportunities to participate, connect with others, organize events, and lead these organizations. These organizations range from Women in Nuclear to Women in Computing,  ChemE Car to American Helicopter Society, and more.

Student Government

Student Government

Student voice is important to us at Rensselaer and in the School of Engineering.  By participating in student government, you have the opportunity to represent the broader student body – understand student concerns, help address them through discussion, legislation, and new initiatives. Student government also represents a leadership opportunity that will help you make a positive difference in the overall Rensselaer student experience.