10-Questions With ...

10-Questions is a feature initiated by Dean Shekhar Garde to highlight the accomplishments of our students, faculty, and alumni. 10-Questions focuses on academic and professional accomplishments as well as some personal perspectives and experiences.


From Puerto Rico to Washington DC via Troy, NY – A journey to improve national infrastructure


On a multidisciplinary and intercontinental journey, building bridges among people, and the future of Africa


On the Desire to Learn More, Those Golden Days, and Being an Engineer Every Day


On Career Paths, the RPI Ratio, and Having Fun


Engineering a Better World


On challenging the convention, lighting the flame, and opening the doors of opportunity…

On Problem Solving, Making the World Better, and Supporting Diversity and Women in Engineering.


From the Machine Shop to Saving Lives

Meet RPI’s AI pioneer, cyclist, furniture maker, and bird photographer

On empathy, creativity, and leadership