Engineering Educational Outreach and Diversity

Matt Oehlschlaeger
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
School of Engineering

Elizabeth Herkenham
Director of K-12 Outreach
School of Engineering

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Michele Skomsky
Program Manager
School of Engineering

The mission of our outreach initiatives is to attract the next generation of talented and diverse students to engineering and technology careers. Our outreach activities also provide unique experiences and exposure to Rensselaer Engineering students to the broader community. These include exceptional educational, community-building, leadership, and mentoring experiences that are instrumental to leadership and innovation in a global economy. These activities emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, leadership, creativity, innovation, and the application of technology.

Engineering Ambassadors Program

Group photo of all the students in the Engineering Embassadors program

Rensselaer's Engineering Ambassadors (EA) are an assembly of highly motivated students focused on inspiring a younger audience to explore the role of engineers in society.

EAs offer hands on demonstrations and short presentations on engineering topics to encourage the interest of students in careers in the areas of science, technology and engineering.

Engineering Ambassadors Program

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Research

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute offers visiting undergraduate students from other universities the opportunity to participate in ongoing research with faculty during an 8 through 10 week period over the summer. For students considering a career in research, an undergraduate research experience is a great place to start. Please click on the links below to learn more about the specific research focus, requirements, and application process for each program taking place here at Rensselaer.

K-12 Outreach