Alumni Achievements

B. Jayant Baliga - 1974
Internationally recognized expert on power semiconductor devices, best known for his invention of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT).
Lewis B. Combs - 1916
Co-creator and director of World War II’s legendary fighting Seabees, who rapidly built docks, landing strips, and other critical facilities in every theater of operation during the war.
Allen B. Du Mont - 1924
Regarded as the founder of the American television industry who developed the first commercially practical cathode ray tube for television.
Claire M. Fraser - 1977
Helped launch the field of microbial genomics and reported the first complete genome sequence of a free-living organism.
William Gurley - 1839
Manufacturers of scientific instruments, with Lewis E. Gurley.
Lewis E. Gurley - 1845
Manufacturers of scientific instruments, with William Gurley.
Lois Graham - 1946
Lois Graham was one of the first two female graduates of Rensselaer after she completed an accelerated wartime program in 1946. Graham, who began her career in industry, later became the first woman in the country to receive a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.
Stephen E. Harris - 1959
Known for his work in the fields of lasers, quantum electronics, nonlinear optics, and atomic physics, he is recognized for profoundly influential contributions to the science of light
Hermann Haus - 1951
One of the world’s foremost authorities on optical communications.
Marcian E. Hoff - 1958
Father of the microprocessor.
Howard P. Isermann - 1942
Developed the ultraviolet absorber that became the most effective and leading sunscreen in the world.
E. Trifon Laskaris - 1974
MRI technology innovator, expert in superconducting magnets.
David L. Noble - 1940
Conceived and led the design and development of the “floppy” disk and associated disk drive mechanism.
Curtis R. Priem - 1982

Curtis R. Priem co-founded NVIDIA Corp. a manufacturer of graphics and multimedia integrated circuits, in 1993 and was its chief technical officer from 1993 to 2003. From 1986 to January 1993, Priem was senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystem, where he architected the GX graphics products, including the world's first single chip GUI accelerator. 

Steven J. Sasson - 1972
Inventor of the digital camera.
John F. Schenck - 1961
Developed the first clinically viable high-field MRI scanner and authority on MRI safety.
Chauncey Starr - 1935
Founder of the Electric Power Research Institute, pioneer in nuclear energy, energy production and policy, and risk analysis.
Raymond S. Tomlinson - 1963
Inventor of e-mail.
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