Annual National Manufacturing Day

7th Annual National Manufacturing Day

Tuesday, October 2, 2018,
The Center for Biotechnology & Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) Auditorium

The Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) and RPI Educational Outreach Department are co-program coordinators of 7th Annual National Manufacturing Day.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Rensselaer’s Seventh Annual National Manufacturing Day will begin in The Center for Biotechnology & Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) Auditorium. This will be another exciting event that begins with the New York Army National Guard Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk landing (weather permitting) at 7:30 am. Participants will be able to get up close to the Black Hawk during the lab tour segment of the day’s schedule.

Soon after the helicopter landing, the program for 170 high school students from eight regional urban and rural high schools will be welcomed in the CBIS Auditorium and engaged in a manufacturing presentation by co-sponsors, Sikorsky, and Sandvik. Following the high school program, Rensselaer and other college students along with local industry will have an opportunity to participate in a Smart Manufacturing Seminar with live demonstrations show how digital solutions are transforming the metal cutting industry. The seminar is co-sponsored by the Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) at Rensselaer, Sandvik, and Haas Factory Outlet – Allendale Machinery.

The high school program will begin with a welcome by Lawrence (Larry) Oligny, Class of 2016 Mechanical Engineering and current Manufacturing Engineer in the Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) at Rensselaer. Larry will share his personal career path at Rensselaer and his keen interest in manufacturing. Mr. Oligny will then introduce School of Engineering, Professor & Associate Dean Matt Oehlschlaeger, Sam Chiappone, Director of Manufacturing Innovation at Rensselaer who will welcome the students and educators. We are pleased to report that Andrew Kennedy, President and CEO of the Center for Economic Growth, and Patrick Madden, Mayor of Troy will each say a few words on the important role manufacturing plays within our regional and national economy as well as how manufacturing presents rewarding careers for individuals.

It is fitting to have Rensselaer alumni - Ryan Patry (Class of 2000, BS in Industrial & Management Engineering, Class of 2008 - MS in Engineering Science) currently Manufacturing Engineering Lead - Future Vertical Lift Programs at Sikorsky as our co-keynote speaker along with Jason Stomski, OEM Specialist, Sandvik; a tool and machining solutions supplier to Sikorsky. Mr. Patry and Mr. Stomski will co-present the important business and US manufacturing partnership within the manufacturing industry. Through this engaging and inspired talk, Ryan Patry and Jason Stomsky will bring a unique view of American manufacturing to a live audience of approximately 170 high school students. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions about manufacturing and pursuing a degree in engineering.

Following the presentation, students will be divided up into twenty undergraduate-led teams of approximately 10 - 15 students to explore different manufacturing related labs and student demonstrations across campus that focus on Rensselaer manufacturing facilities. The labs include the following:

Rensselaer National Manufacturing Day Labs and Student Demonstrations
LAB # Lab Name Acronym Location
1 Architecture Fabrication Shop Arch Fab Shop Green 014
2 Additive Manufacturing Lab CATS: AML CII 8118
3 Automation Applications Lab CATS: AAL CII 1044
4 Composite Lab CATS: CL CII 1032
5 Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room Clean room CII 4140
6 HAAS Tech Center   JEC 2332
7 Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab MILL CII 1027
8 MILL Expansion Demo Room & Forge MILL Demo CII 2033 & CII 2037
9 Nano/Micro scale Manufacturing & Material Design Lab Nano-M3 Design Lab JEC 2209
10 HASS 3D Rapid Prototyping Shop   Sage 2201
11 Snap-on Tools Mobile Company Store Snap On 86 Field
11 Sandvik – Smart Mfg. Demo   86 Field
12 Black Hawk Helicopter   86 Field
13 Control Systems and Conservation Laws CSCL JEC 5030 (4th Session only)
14 Rensselaer Motorsport Formula SAE 86 Field
15 Rensselaer Electric Vehicle REV Ricketts basement
16 Design Build Fly Club Design Build Fly Lab Union 3202
17 Engineering Ambassadors   JEC 3117


Our program sponsors include Premier – Center for Economic Growth (CEG), Chief Executive Network Manufacturing (CEN), Sikorsky, Sandvik, and the New York Army National Guard, Snap-on Tools, HFO-Allendale Machinery, ASME Rensselaer Student Chapter, City of Troy, the award winning MILL/Manufacturing Processes and Systems Class, RPI Engineering Ambassadors and undergraduate volunteers.

If your school is interested in attending, please email School of Engineering Educational Outreach at Share your name, school district, and contact information. We will include you on the mailing list and will provide more information when available.

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