Welcome Class of 2025!

Every year, all of us in the SoE Hub get super excited to meet our new students! It’s an honor to welcome you to the School of Engineering, and be part of the landing party as you join our family.


We encourage you to take a look around the SoE Hub webpage to learn more about your first year academic advising team. You’ll learn who your new advisor is, the resources we create for you, and how easy it is for you to connect with us – starting right now!

In the meantime, you can always check back to this page for updates.


We are currently preparing resources for your cohort, The Class of 2025, that will include:

  • Support for your first college registration with our Major-Specific Registration Guides
  • A cohort-specific series, The Hidden Curriculum, that welcomes you to Rensselaer academics
  • A weekly, major-specific program, Industry Hour, that introduces you to alumni and current students


As you look around the SoE Hub website, you will find all of these resources that were created for previous cohorts. They are a great sneak peek of what you can expect, though your own cohort-specific resources will be what we encourage you to follow when it comes time.

We are super excited to hear from you!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!