Hidden Curriculum 2025

Over the years, your SoE Hub advisors have learned one thing from their advisees, ‘give them the tool kit for success and they will build it!’ The Hidden Curriculum is just that. It is the answer to how you can build success here at Rensselaer, and ensure that you understand what your responsibilities are as a college student.

Beginning with your first registration and ending as you wrap up your first year of college, follow The Hidden Curriculum series over the next few months, with the support of your SoE Hub Advisor. Each of the following episodes include requirements that you need to be aware of. It is your responsibility to become informed – starting now.

How do we make this easy for you?

We have assigned deadlines to each episode from June 2021 until April 2022. If you pace yourself accordingly, you will have the exact right information at the exact right time to guide you through your responsibilities as a student. In other words, as you work your way through this series, you should find the information you need to be successful in your first year. There is no reason to rush through this information!

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Episodes for the Class of 2025:

What will you find in each episode?

Access to each episode can be found below, alongside their release dates and deadlines.



  • Episode 5 | Registration at Rensselaer

    • Live on: November 8th, 2021

    • Deadline to complete: November 18th

    • Your Registration Guide taught you the basics so you had enough information to register for your first semester of college. This episode advances you from that ‘Beginner’ level, past ‘Intermediate,’ and straight to ‘Expert’ in registering for courses at Rensselaer! What more could there be to registering for courses? This episode will cover helpful forms, consultation periods, The Registrar’s Office, changing your major and more. It will also give you a refresher on what you learned last summer, so that you are prepared to register for your spring courses.


  • Episode 6 | Academic Resources

    • Live on: November 15th, 2021

    • Deadline to complete: November 30th, 2021

    • “I wish I had asked for help sooner,” is the number one piece of advice that we hear from our upperclassmen. Regardless of your success in high school, college is a different type of learning and seeking support is an essential part of achieving the same level of academic success as you have in the past. Not only is it socially acceptable to ask for help, but it is socially recommended! So, where can you go if you are looking for support at Rensselaer?


  • Episode 7 | Campus and Student Life Resources

    • Live on: November 12th, 2021, 2021

    • Deadline to complete: December 31st, 2021

    • Beyond academics, there are loads of opportunities at Rensselaer! All of the personal goals you had before coming to college likely have a supporting office here, such as the Center for Career and Professional Development, LGBTQ+ networks, and the International Programs office. How can you find them? How do you take advantage of all the support that is offered to you?


  • Episode 8 | What’s Your Plan? SAM and your 4-Year Plan

    • Live on: February 1st, 2022

    • Deadline to complete: February 28th, 2022

    • Every spring semester, you have a required meeting with your academic advisor. What do you need to prepare for it? Why is it important? And, what happens if you do not do it? The best preparation for your SAM is to create your 4-Year Plan of study. This will be a semester-by-semester layout of all the required courses you need for graduation, organized and updated by you! Learn how to get started on this important tool.


  • Episode 9 | Time for Your Transition

    • Live on: June 28th, 2022

    • Deadline to complete: August 28th, 2022

    • You have learned so much about yourself as a college student throughout your first year at RPI, and you are ready for the next step. Learn about your new faculty advisor (how to connect, their research, etc.), collect all the resources you will need to bring with you into your sophomore year, and leave some advice for the Class of 2025!




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