Center for Mobility with Vertical Lift (MOVE)

MOVE logo

The missions of this Center are to:

  1. Investigate and Innovate – pursue cutting-edge research to better understand fundamental phenomena, leading to technical solutions and new directions in the development of high-speed VTOL, e-VTOL as well as classical VTOL aircraft technologies.
  2. Educate – attract the very best students to vertical lift and provide the highest quality education and training to produce MS and PhD graduates who will be future leaders in the vertical lift technical community.
  3. Collaborate – internally, MOVE serves as a hub, bringing together Rensselaer researchers from various disciplines, facilitates the exchange of ideas and the formation of teams to attack the most challenging and interesting inter-disciplinary problems in vertical lift; but equally, MOVE seeks to complement its strengths by actively partnering with government, industry and other academic institutions towards the advancement of vertical lift.
Farhan Gandhi