4-Year Plan of Study

What's Your Plan?

The middle of your first-year at at RPI is the time to think about your remaining 6-semesters. As you transition to your faculty advisor, and start to think about The Arch, creating your 4-year plan will guide you through all your upcoming decisions. Let's make this easy!

As you begin to plan your courses, keep the following in mind:

  • Are you aware of your prerequisites and corequisites?
  • Where will you place your HASS, Depth, PD II and CI requirements?
  • What semester will you be away during The Arch? Does your major require you to be
    away during a specific semester?

Now, let's plan!


Step 1!

Head to DegreeWorks (located in SIS > Student Menu) and click on the PLAN tab.

Need support with DegreeWorks? There are many resources! Start here.


Step 2!

Add a NEW PLAN for your major. Select the year that corresponds with your first academic year at Rensselaer. (i.e. 2017-2018, select 2018).


Step 3!

In the pop-up box (make sure to allow in your browser), select the term you started at Rensselaer (i.e. Fall 2017).


Step 4!

Adjust your plan based on what you have taken and will take each semester. Pay special attention to the notes for each course for crucial information on prerequisites, corequisites and other details that will have an impact on your planning.

Along with NOTES in DegreeWorks, you may utilize the Course Catalog for course details. Be certain you have the course catalog set to the correct academic year! You can change the academic year with the drop down menu on the top right of the webpage. A google search typically brings up the wrong year.


Step 5!

Once you've finished your 4-Year Plan, save as a PDF, and upload the document to The SoE HUB! Your Hub Advisor will review and 'Activate' your plan with in DegreeWorks once finalized.

Once activated, you may not change this plan without the support of your advisor.

(Want a printable version of these steps? Download the PDF icon4-Year Plan Checklist!)


Or, download a Major Template via. Excel!

Rather use Excel to develop your 4-Year Plan? Or want to lay your 4-Year Plan out in a spreadsheet before bringing it over to DegreeWorks? Download the Major Template packet for your cohort. Once you download, you will find your major’s template in the sheets.


Questions? Make an appointment with your HUB Advisor or come to Walk-in Wednesdays for quick questions!

Hub Advising Hours: Weekdays, 9 to noon, 1 pm to 4 pm