4-Year Plan Major Templates

What's Your Plan?

The end of your first-year at at RPI is the time to think about your remaining 6-semesters. As you transition to your faculty advisor, and start to think about The Arch, the creation of your 4-year plan will guide you through all your upcoming decisions. Let's make this easy!

As you begin to plan your courses, keep the following in mind:

  • What classes have you taken and still need? Review your CAPP report!
  • Have you considered prerequisites and corequisites? Utilize the Course Catalog, but be certain you have it set to the current academic year!
  • Where will you place your HASS/Depth, PD II, and CI requirements?
  • Are you including the requirements for having a dual? A minor? Your concentration?
  • What semester will you be away during The Arch? Does your major require you to be away during a specific semester?

Step 1!

Download the PDF icon4-Year Plan Checklist!

Step 2!

Download your Major's Curriculum Template.

The templates are an excel document ready for you to customize. With classes that you've already taken, move them to the corresponding semesters and highlight the title in green. For classes you are planning on taking next semester, move them to the correct column and highlight in red. From that point forward, considered the previously mentioned questions and create your 4-Year Plan!

Step 3!

Once you've finished your 4-Year Plan, please upload the excel file to The SoE HUB!


Questions? Make an appointment with your HUB Advisor or come to Walk-in Wednesdays for quick questions!

Hub Advising Hours: Weekdays, 9 to noon, 1 pm to 4 pm