The School of Engineering faculty members are committed to undergraduate and graduate education, and all hold the highest attainable degree in their fields. They are active in highly impactful and pioneering engineering research and act as key consultants to industry and the government.

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Rensselaer's School of Engineering faculty are regularly recognized for contributions to their fields.  

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Design Lab - About Us

Mission Statement

The O.T. Swanson Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory (a.k.a. the Design Lab) at Rensselaer provides clinical real world experiences for students that build confidence and teaches integration of discipline-specific knowledge with practice on challenging multidisciplinary design projects. As educators, we strive to meet the needs of today's young as they become engineers. We show students what it means to be an engineer and how engineers help people and contribute to society.

Design Lab - People


Students engaged on a project in the Design Lab solve real world engineering challenges for some of the world's largest and most innovative companies as well as newly formed entrepreneurial start-ups. The results are a solid, well-defined solution for sponsors and an unparalleled multidisciplinary engineering experience for students.

Design Lab - Partnerships

Benefits of Sponsorship

The Design Lab continually seeks projects that accomplish two goals:

  • To engage engineering students in open-ended, technically challenging, real-world design projects that are important to sponsors and partners.
  • To provide a valuable return on investment in ideas, innovations, and potential employees to our sponsors and partners.

There are many benefits to becoming a Design Lab project sponsor. Benefits include:

  • Solving a complex technically challenging problem that is important to you.

Design Lab - Projects

The mission of the O. T. Swanson Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory is to provide a clinical real world experience for students; one that builds confidence and allows them to integrate discipline-specific knowledge with practice on challenging multidisciplinary design projects.