The Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition

Applications for the competition are being accepted now through December 31, 2013 at

The competition is open to teams of undergraduate students and individual graduate students nationwide who have inventions in two categories:

  • “Cure it!” for students with inventions that can improve healthcare
  • “Use it!” for students with inventions that can improve consumer devices and tools

Winners will receive:

  • $15,000 to the winning graduate student in each category
  • $10,000 to the winning undergraduate team in each category
  • A national media campaign
  • Exposure to the investment and business communities
  • A trip to MIT for an awards celebration in June 2014


  • Implantable Sensors

    Rebecca Wachs has invented a new implantable sensor with the ability to wirelessly transmit data.

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  • Brighter, Smarter, & More Efficient LEDs

    Ming Ma has developed a new method to manufacture LEDs that are brighter, more energy efficient, and have superior technical properties.

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  • More Resilient Buildings & Bridges

    Navid Attary has created a seismic protection device to boost the resiliency of bridges and buildings to earthquakes.

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  • Safer Detection of Hazardous Gases

    Fazel Yavari has developed a new sensor that opens the door to a new generation of gas detectors for use by bomb squads, defense and law enforcement officials.

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  • Jumpstarting Tissue Regeneration

    Christopher Rivet's innovation could be an important new tool in preventing paralysis resulting from spinal cord trauma, cancer, diabetes, or a host of other diseases.

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  • Smarter and Greener Power Systems

    Zepu Wang has developed a new advanced material to coat electrical components and allow the transmission of higher voltages across national power infrastructures.

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  • Safer Detections of Bombs

    Benjamin Clough has developed a novel method for extending the distance from which powerful terahertz technology can remotely detect hidden explosives, chemicals, and other dangerous materials.

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  • Better Breast Cancer Screening

    Sevan Goenezen has developed aninexpensive new method for using ultrasound and advanced algorithms to differentiate between benign and malignant tumors with a high degree of accuracy.

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  • Ultrasound Data Transmission

    Tristan Lawry has demonstrated a new system that uses ultrasound to simultaneously transmit large quantities of data and power wirelessly through thick metal walls, like the hulls of ships & submarines.

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List of Past Winners and Finalists

  • Ming Ma
    2013 Winner

  • Navid Attary
    2013 Finalist

  • Rebecca Wachs
    2013 Finalist

  • Fazel Yavari
    2012 Winner

  • Christopher Rivet
    2012 Finalist

  • Zepu Wang
    2012 Finalist

  • Benjamin Clough
    2011 Winner

  • Sevan Goenezen
    2011 Finalist

  • Tristan Lawry
    2011 Finalist

  • Javad Rafiee
    2010 Winner

  • Casey Hoffman
    2010 Finalist

  • Jiuru Xu
    2010 Finalist

  • Yuehua "Tony" Yu
    2009 Winner

  • Mei-Ling Kuo
    2009 Finalist

  • Ranganath Teki
    2009 Finalist

  • Martin Schubert
    2008 Winner

  • Weixiao Huang
    2008 Finalist

  • Paul Morrow
    2008 Finalist

  • Gang Wang
    2008 Finalist

  • Brian Schulkin
    2007 Winner

  • Eben Bayer
    2007 Finalist

  • Ludovico Dell'Acqua
    2007 Finalist

  • Greg Ten Eyck
    2007 Finalist